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Locally owned and operated, Community Resource Centres (CRCs) provide a wide array of information and community based services to local people, businesses and visitors of regional Western Australia.CRCs are committed to developing regional communites and connecting the people of Western Australia.
Photo by Alana-Jayne Moore
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The Cocos Keeling ​​​​Islands Community Resource Centre has been operating since 2002, providing services to local businesses, residents and visitors to our wonderful Islands. We are a not for profit community based organisation that provides intergrated technology and other services to foster individual, economic and community development of the Cocos Keeling ​Islands. 
Photo by Don Gardiner
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Cocos (Keeling) Islands is an Australian Territory located in the Indian Ocean. The islands lie 2,768 km north-west of Perth, 3,685 km due west of Darwin, approximately 900 km south-south west of Christmas Island and approximately 1,000 km south-west of Java and Sumatra. The highest point above sea level is 9 metres which is located on South Island. The islands in the southern atoll comprise an area totalling 14 square kilometres.​​
Photo by Alan Clark
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​​The Cocos Keeling Islands Visitor Centre co-located with us in 2010.  Residents and visitors now enjoy the convenience of visiting our 'one stop' shop.  Get connected, book a tour and get some friendly advice on all things Cocos!  We look forward to seeing you at the Cocos Islands Community Resource Centre soon.

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The Cocos Islands Community Resource Centre hosts quarterly Market Days on our fantastic verandah. ​ We focus on involving community groups to raise funds for their clubs.  Free tables are offered to these groups, residents and small business owners.

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What's in focusWelcome to our new website!

Here you can find out what's happening in our centre, access a wide range of information about services available in the area, promote your local business, and discover local training and business resources.

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